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Field Foreman Software

Field Foreman Software Program (Loaded on the 3060) SmartLoad is an advanced auto start and auto save function that is part of Avery Weigh- Tronix’s Field Foreman Grain Cart weighing solution. SmartLoad automatically senses the change in weight when the grain cart stats unloading and automatically stars recording the transaction […]

Field Foreman PC

Field Foreman PC

Field Foreman PC software allows you to enter all Field, Hybrid, and Truck data from your PC prior to harvest. Date is synced from PC to 3060 via USB. Features: Easily and quickly calculate yield per field or operation for APH documentation. Provides date stamped loads to provide proof for […]

3060 w/ Feed Foreman Software

Feed Foreman Software

Feed Foreman software (loaded on the 3060) Features: Feed Foreman is a powerful ration management solution designed for feeding efficiency and increased profitability. This package consists of two components; Feed Foreman for the Model 3060 touchscreen and Feed Foreman PC software. Very easy to learn and use. Touch screen makes […]

Feed Foreman PC

Feed Foreman PC

Feed Foreman PC Features: Easily adjust Pen’s feeding/Day, Head count, Target DMI, and percentage adjustment to target DMI. Feed Foreman PC software automatically adjusts batch size to coincide with number of head in pen. This allows you to spend more time focusing on herd’s health instead of recalculating batches when […]

GT460 with AutoLog

Grain Tracker Software

Grain Tracker Software – GT460 – AUTO LOG Features: Grain Tracker software is provided to install on your PC allowing you to quickly upload information from the thumb drive and easily print out reports in Excel in PDF format. Measure crop yields, compare individual fields, soil types, seed hybrids, fertilizer […]

Tru-Test XR3000 Bluetooth

Link 3000

Link 3000 is a software application designed as the interface between your indicator and your computer. It is available as a free download on the Tru-Test website. Link 3000 allows you to: Download files from your indicator to your computer. Download the lifetime animal database from your indicator to your […]

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