Model 2060

Weigh-Tronix 2060 Indicator


Harvesting: Your operation will benefit from the simple and highly accurate operation of the 2060. Whether it was a good crop or bad crop, high or low market price, you need to know exactly what came out of their field.

Whether planting or harvest season you can use the Farm Foreman PC software for a complete data entry and transaction management solution. The software will sync effortlessly with your 2060 indicator for powerful inventory management including customized reports and automatically calculating shrink.
Central City Scale SmartCart Technology Solutions turn your grain cart into a powerful information source and risk management tool.

  • Proof of yields for Federal Crop insurance: Many crop insurance companies require grain settlements or bin measurements for claim documentation. Reports produced by our solutions make the process of calculating Average Production History (APH) simple. In addition, these reports greatly aid in the process of sorting through and applying grain settlements sheets to a claim. Take full advantage of risk management services available from insurance providers.
  •  Analyze yield performance per hybrid: Tracking yield performance is crucial for future planting decisions. Get detailed field reports for side-by-side hybrid yield and moisture average comparisons.
  • Track every Bushel: With the ability to select from a list of user defined delivery locations, farms and fields; you know where every bushel came from and where it went.
  • Generate Custom Reports: Filter data for Farm Foreman’s five default reports or easily export data to Excel to create your own report.
  • Verify/calibrate combine yield monitor: Precisely calibrated Yield Monitors produce more accurate yield maps.
  • Generate printout tickets with time and date: Send correct information with delivery trucks to ensure proper payments and record keeping.
  • Compatible with virtually any grain cart: Our systems work with most grain carts’ built-in load cells.