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iForeman smart-device application for grain carts can link your grain cart to your smart phone and tablet for live data on the move. Currently available on the iOS platform, the iForeman app can be downloaded from the apple store and used on your iOS smart device in place of a traditional scale indicator. iForeman’s simple touch screen interface records key information including commodity, field, and delivery location of every load.

iForeman’s auto unload detection, SmartLoad, ensures every load is automatically recorded. The iForeman grain cart solution consists of the iForeman app for your smart device and the i60 serial processor. The i60 simply connects to your j-box interface cable and through Bluetooth, wirelessly sends the weight data to the iForeman application, eliminating cable clutter in the tractor cab. An unlimited number of devices can be synced with the i60 Bluetooth to view the grain cart’s weight in remote mode. This allows truck drivers and combine operators to know exactly what is in the cart and what has been unloaded in real time.

  • iForeman simply and accurately records every load. When the producer wants to review data they can easily email the report from the smart device.
  • Remote Mode – Allows remote users to monitor the live weight while within a range of about 400 feet from the i60 device
  • Display Rounding – Sets how the displayed weights are rounded (nearest 10 lb, 20 lb, etc.)
  • SmartLoad Unload Detection – Automatically records transactions
  • Minimum Load – Should be set at the default of 1000 lb. Any transactions below 1000 lb are not recorded
  • Display Smoothing – Keeps the weight responsive while loading or unloading, and stable at other times