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Advanced Technology

This page is dedicated to the most current weighing agricultural solutions. Have any question or ideas for scale development applications? Please contact us.

Agrimatics Libra

Agrimatics Libra

Introducing the NEW Central City Scale Tablet and Smartphone Scale App. Compatible With Any Load Bars-Our device can connect to any load bars from any manufacturer. You can simply switch out your existing indicator for our device and you’re up and running. Wide Temperature-Our device can withstand extreme temperature and […]


Model 3060 Touchscreen

The advanced M3060 Indicator features a touchscreen interface for full control of the Field Foreman grain cart software. This unique software program has powerful data collection and export capabilities specifically tailored to grain cart applications. Field Foreman Software Features: Simple entry of field, grain type, hybrid, delivery truck and location […]

Feed Ration Management

Feed Ration Management

From the cost effective and field proven 640 to the touch screen 3060 with Feed Foreman PC Ration Management software, Avery Weigh-Tronix has the feed ration management weighing solution to meet your operations budget and management needs. Benefits: Drive profitability with Efficient Solutions Calculate True Feed Costs Improve Herd Health […]

GT460 with AutoLog

Model GT460

A full-featured grain cart interface system that provides significant field recording and management benefits for producers and custom harvesters. Digi-Star’s AutoLogTM Automatic Start/Stop Function (patent pending) No need to remember to push the Start/Stop button when unloading your cart. With the use of a magnetic switch and new software, it […]

Tru-Test XR3000 Bluetooth

Tru-Test XR 3000 Bluetooth

Top of the line weigh scale that wirelessly communicates via built-in bluetooth technology with EID readers and laptops. Features Remove the complication of wires and cables Seamless connection to Bluetooth EID readers Simple system setup Have your animal history on your PC seamlessly and simply, updating as regularly as you […]


Scale Link Series

Digi-Star designed the Scale Link product line to gather weight information using our unique algorithms to provide accurate output in SERIAL, CAN, or ISOBUS format. Scale Link can be used in grain carts, planters, seed tenders, air seeders, TMRs, manure and fertilizer spreader applications where communication of weight values are […]


3060 to RD40RF Communication

The RD 40 RF is a compact remote display that is perfect for mounting in the cab of a combine.  This equips the operator with additional assistance during the harvesting process when teamed with the 3060 Indicator.  This is ideal for communication for between the grain cart scale operator and […]

Weigh Bar Specs

Seed Tender/Auto Shut-off

Seed Tender Option/ Seed Tender software available for the 3060 indicator. Pre-Set Conveyer Shut-off for Target Weight. Seed tender wireless remote:  Equips the operator to channelize and supply your conveyor intuitively.  The remote is designed wire free to alleviate any tangles or limited operator mobility. The transmitter has to ability […]

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