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Indicator Manuals:

Software Package Manuals:

  • Field Foreman (loaded on 3060)
  • Field Foreman PC
  • Feed Foreman (loaded on 3060)
  • Feed Foreman PC

3060 Touch Screen with Field Foreman Quick Start Guide


3060 Touch Screen with Feed Foreman Quick Start Guide

3060 Feeld Foreman PC Quick Start Guide


3060 w/ Feed Foreman Software

Feed Foreman Software

Feed Foreman software (loaded on the 3060)


Feed Foreman is a powerful ration management solution designed for feeding efficiency and increased profitability. This package consists of two components; Feed Foreman for the Model 3060 touchscreen and Feed Foreman PC software.

Very easy to learn and use. Touch screen makes indicator very user friendly and intuitive.

Four batching options: batch recipes by pen, premix batch by size , batch recipe by load size, batch by autosizing based on first ingredient.

Easily adjust pen count numbers at the indicator or via Feed Foreman PC Dry Matter percentage can be adjusted at the indicator or via Feed Foreman PC Easily transfer feeding dat to Feed Foreman PC via USB stick.

Feed Foreman PC

Feed Foreman PC

Feed Foreman PC


  • Easily adjust Pen’s feeding/Day, Head count, Target DMI, and percentage adjustment to target DMI. Feed Foreman PC software automatically adjusts batch size to coincide with number of head in pen. This allows you to spend more time focusing on herd’s health instead of recalculating batches when moving cows between PreFresh and milking pens.
  • Input recipes by DMI fed per head/day or As Fed per head/day Adjusting ingredient mix order for a recipe is as simple as a click of the mouse
  • Customize recipes with mixer delay timer between ingredients or after last ingredient is loaded
  • 82 of the most commonly used ingredients are already preloaded
  • Customize ingredients per nutrition analysis: DM% (Dry Matter), TDN% (total Digestible Nutrients), CP% (Crude Protein), NDF% (Neutral Detergent Fiber), ADF% (Acid Detergent Fiber), Fat%, Ash%
  • Feed Foreman PC allows you to easily adjust Dry Matter percentage changes in your ingredients and keep a detailed record of the changes for your reference.
  • Feed Foreman PC Package Reports Feed Foreman PC reports can be ran under customized date parameters.
  • Feed History: Shows Expected As Fed (AF) and actual AF per ingredient and batch. Includes total pound difference between the two and percentage difference. In addition, the start and stop time for each batch and ingredient is recorded. Feed History also shows the pens the batch was dropped at along with the Expected AF and actual AF for those pens.
  • Pens Daily per head feeding cost: invaluable tool that will help producer manage input costs. Shows cost per head per day for each pen plus average cost per head for customized time frame. Also calculates total herd cost per head per day and for customized time frame.
  • Pens Daily DMI per head: Outlines daily DMI per head/pen and for whole herd. Also calculates average DMI per head by pen or for whole heard for customized time frame.
  • Mixing Errors: Creates customized reports for: drop error pounds and percentage, ingredient error pounds and percentage. Load errors: Shows date of each batch and total pounds and percentage batch was off of Targeted As Fed pounds.
GT460 with AutoLog

Grain Tracker Software

Grain Tracker Software – GT460 – AUTO LOG


  • Grain Tracker software is provided to install on your PC allowing you to quickly upload information from the thumb drive and easily print out reports in Excel in PDF format.
  • Measure crop yields, compare individual fields, soil types, seed hybrids, fertilizer types, tillage equipment, and methods.
  • Know the exact weight of grain going into and coming out of on-farm storage
  • Measure share-cropping shares
  • Measure crop damage for insurance documentation
  • Document each and every load
  • Provides peace of mind, eliminating guesswork
  • Saves time by weighing in field vs. hauling to a platform scale
  • Helps make more informed decisions for managing land for best performance and profitability
XR 5000

Tru-Test XR 5000 Bluetooth

Tru-Test’s unique Superdamp™ weighing technology has proven itself for speed and accuracy since it was developed 10 years ago. Combined with a rugged design, suitable for even the most extreme outdoor farm environments, Tru-Test’s weigh scales indicators have earned a global reputation as the animal weight capture and data management solution.

And now we have developed the next generation. The 5000 series.

The XR5000 is faster to set up and access information, with a revolutionary screen that is clearly visible in the yards (even in the harshest sunlight). It also has more options to speed up data transfer and increased storage capacity.

It’s never been easier to track the performance of your animals and make better informed decisions.


Store up to 1 million records in 1000 weighing sessions and record up to 100 pieces of information for each animal.
  Range of features to calculate and visualize performance of individual animals or groups.
  Up to 10-way drafting by any criteria.
  Pre-loaded common setups or save own favorite setups to easily switch between jobs.
  Calculate target weights.
  Track, apply and manage treatments e.g. type, dosage, withholding periods, set alarms.


  • 7” display with unique transflective screen technology gives screen clarity in even the brightest sunlight
  • Accurate live weights captured quickly with Superdamp™ III technology
  • Quick access keys and keypad avoids dirty fingers on screen
  • Built-in step-by-step instructions and pop-up help
  • Quickly transfer information through your mobile device (Android* or Apple*), USB memory stick or computer
    (Microsoft Windows*)
  • Link wirelessly or by cables to other devices eg Electronic ID readers, auto drafters, barcode scanners and more
  • Water, dust and shock proof IP67 case
  • Long life battery: 10 hrs with backlight on and 13 hrs with backlight off (in daylight)


260 mm x 225 mm x 65 mm (10 1/4 x 9˝ x 2 1/2˝)
1.75 kg (3.85 lbs)
10 hours (backlight on), 13 hours (backlight off in daylight)
5 hours in normal conditions
1 million
IP67, 100% waterproof and dust proof
Up to 10-way drafting

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Scale Link Series

Digi-Star designed the Scale Link product line to gather weight information using our unique algorithms to provide accurate output in SERIAL, CAN, or ISOBUS format.

Scale Link can be used in grain carts, planters, seed tenders, air seeders, TMRs, manure and fertilizer spreader applications where communication of weight values are used independently or in conjunction with other systems.

Scale Link is Specifically Designed to Eliminate Cab Clutter:

  • Scale Link is the future! Use existing virtual terminal as scale indicator interface display
  • Communicates and adapts for use with many different brands of virtual terminal displays
  • For use with all brands of equipment.

Scale Link Virtual Terminal (VT) Display:

  • User interface possible with existing hardware
  • Connectivity to different brands of virtual terminals
  • All implement manufacturers to utilize weight information in their system programming

Scale Link and Scale Link ISOBUS Communication:

  • ISOBUS is inter-connectivity between different manufacturers
  • Manufacturer-spanning interoperability between implement and tractor
  • Use of a single input/output terminal (VT) for all implements





Agrimatics Cloud



NEW! Agrimatics Aero cloud service for your Agrimatics Libra Cart

Manage your data from wherever you are.

Agrimatics Aero is an optional cloud service for your Libra Cart system running on iOS devices. Available in both Basic and Pro versions, Aero provides automatic data back up and data syncing between multiple mobile devices.

Why Basic?

Well, first off, it’s free! Since all of your harvest data is stored directly on the Libra app, an Aero Basic account protects your data in case of a lost, stolen or damaged mobile device by automatically backing up all your harvest data as soon as you are connected to the Internet. Backing up your data to the cloud also eliminates the need for you to email out your data from the app on demand, and allows you to manage it on our Aero desktop web application.

Why Pro?

Aero Pro includes the automatic data back up feature, and provides data syncing between multiple mobile devices. If you have two or more grain carts collecting harvest data, Aero Pro will merge that data together when an Internet connection is available via Wi-Fi or cellular. It will also allow other users (those in trucks, combines, etc.) to see cart and truck weights as well as totals in real-time when an Internet connection is available. This data can be viewed, edited and managed on our Aero desktop web application.