Feed Ration Management

Feed Ration Management

From the cost effective and field proven 640 to the touch screen 3060 with Feed Foreman PC Ration Management software, Avery Weigh-Tronix has the feed ration management weighing solution to meet your operations budget and management needs.


  • Drive profitability with Efficient Solutions
  • Calculate True Feed Costs
  • Improve Herd Health
  • Increase Daily Rate of Gain
  • Feed the Ration Your Nutritionist Created
  • Generate Detailed Reports
  • Manage Inventory and Identify Shrink

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Ration Management Key Benefits

Model 3060 with Feed Foreman

Model 2040 with Feed Supervisor

1040 Indicator with TDS-1040

640 Indicator with TDS-40

GT460 with AutoLog

Model GT460

A full-featured grain cart interface system that provides significant field recording and management benefits for producers and custom harvesters.

Digi-Star’s AutoLogTM Automatic Start/Stop Function (patent pending) No need to remember to push the Start/Stop button when unloading your cart. With the use of a magnetic switch and new software, it is done automatically…no matter who is operating your grain cart.

Easy to install switch wired into the GT460 indicator with the AutoLogTM software is all you will need.

Operational Benefits

  • A large multi-line display can show the last record, what is currently being loaded and can provide paperless printer capability.
  • Navigational keypad to review previous loads or edit field information
  • FIELD button for viewing and changing the 26 character alphanumeric data field
  • CHECK feature to check or calibrate the combine’s yield monitor
  • QWERTY keyboard for easily editing or changing field
  • information • Time and date stamp data for verification for insurance records
  • or custom harvesting purposes • Accumulation of weights per field entry • Bi-directional field names from PC to indicator via USB

GT460 Manual



Model 640

The 640 indicator gives simple, yet accurate and reliable weighing for TMR mixers, grain carts, livestock scales, feed bins, and weight carts and many more applications.

  • 1.1″ backlit alpha-numeric LCD display.
  • Zero key zeros the scale, Print key transfers weight data to printer, computer, or transfer data module.
  • Gross/Net allows viewing of both gross and net weights. Tare key useful for temporary zeroing of the scale.
  • Easily selectable levels of motion filtering for mixer or livestock applications to settle the weight display readings.
  • Auto LOC wight features for livestock weighing.
  • Tracks 100 memory accumulators: individual and total accumulations and averages of each memory channel. (Ex: Yields, Livestock, Ingredient Usage, etc.)
  • HOLD weight feature for mobile OEM equipment.
  • Optional lower connector options, can plug weigh bars directly into indicator.
  • Optional RS-232 serial port, with battery backed time and date with multiple printouts available for printer or TDM system.
  • Optional interface to RD40 series remote displays, including the RD40RF wireless remote display.

Model 640 Manual



Model 640XL

The Model 640XL is a general purpose indicator which provides simple, yet accurate and reliable weighing used on mixers, grain carts(grain chasers), livestock scales, feed bins, weigh carts and many more applications.


  • Simple Operation – ZERO key zeros the scale, PRINT key transfers weight data to printer, computer, or transfer data module (TDM-40)
  • Gross/Tare/Net – G/N key allows viewing of either gross or net weights. TARE key is useful for temporary “zeroing” of the scale
  • Motion Filtering – Enhanced dual “harmonizer” filtering settles down weight display for easy viewing. Ideal for filtering excess motion on mixers and livestock applications
  • Memory Accumulators – 100 six-character alpha-numeric accumulator channels. Useful in identifying fields, seed type, livestock groups or amounts of recipes batched and or fed

Model 640 Manual



Model 640M

The simple, compact Model 640M indicator fits neatly inside the cab and has grain cart functions built in.

  • Accumulate and store harvest totals for 100 fields.
  • Unique alphanumeric names can be used to identify each field in reports and data records.
  • Print individual load amounts with field name, and time.
  • Export data to a PC with the optional TDM memory device.
  • 1.1″ Backlit alpha numeric display.
  • Standard reports for single or all fields, including field names, # of accumulations, and totals.

Options used with 640M

  • Tape printer.
  • TDM-40. Transfer Data Module.
  • Remote displays: RD40 (1.1″), RD40XL (2.0″), RD40RF (1.1″ Wireless).

Model 640 Manual



Model 915

The 915 is the ideal instrument for portable platform truck scales. The 915 features include:

  • Simple net weighing can be performed by selecting a tare using push-button tare or one of the 100 tare registers, and then placing the loaded container or vehicle on the scale. The indicator automatically calculates net weight and can send data to a printer, PC or memory module.
  • 100 tare registers can be preset and recalled by pressing 0 through 99 on the keypad.
  • Split axle weighing of large trucks can be performed on small platform scales. The indicator accumulates weight data for each axle as it is weighed. Values can be automatically sent to a printer, PC or memory module.
  • Optional single or multiple function remote control units are available. These units can zero, tare or change the weighing mode without a trip to the indicator.

Model 1040 XL

  • Alpha-Numeric keypad and display allows spelling of recipes, ingredients, pens, etc.
  • Large 2″ LCD display with backlit is always easy to read, even from loader.
  • Batching mode that automatically adjusts to maintain ration balance after first ingredient is loaded.
  • Bidirectional Transfer Data System simplifies process of exchanging information between scale and PC (TDM-40/TDS-1040).
  • AutoMix provides consistent blending with programmed timer with optional speed sensor input.
  • Expanded memory to store recipes, ingredients, batch records, pen feedings.

1040 Manual



Model 2060

The 2060 indicator and supporting software have been designed with the planting and harvest needs of your customers in mind. Boasting industry leading technology, the simplistic yet powerful design of the 2060 indictor, combined with our new data management system Farm Foreman, provide a total weighing and transaction recording solution for both planting and harvest seasons.

The 2060 provides the highest efficiency and cost savings by allowing the same indicator to be used in spring with your Seed Tender and in fall with your Grain Cart.

Planting: Your operation will benefit from the increased productivity the 2060 can bring to your operation. As you grow, the window of time to plant remains the same. Field Foreman creates the efficiency you need to plant more acres in less time.

Harvesting: Your operation will benefit from the simple and highly accurate operation of the 2060. Whether it was a good crop or bad crop, high or low market price, you need to know exactly what came out of their field.


Seed Tender

The 2060 indicator boasts industry leading technology while providing a simple, user friendly interface. A fully featured indicator that includes a Load/Unload scale along with Ag specific application software.

Standard Field Foreman Application Software – From seed to grain, one indicator, two seasons. Field Foreman provides powerful, user friendly scale software for grain carts and seed tenders. Easily and efficiently track all planting and harvest transactions while taking advantage of key standard features including SmartLoad automatic grain cart load tracking.

Optional Farm Foreman PC Software – Farm Foreman PC software allows you to easily transfer setup data to the 2060 and transfer transaction data from the 2060 to the PC. Time saving features include calculating shrink, eliminating manual calculations. Farm Foreman’s accurate easy to use transaction database provides comprehensive harvest and planting reports at a touch of the button.

6″ Backlit Graphic Display – 6″ diagonal display is easy-to-read, regardless of viewing angle or lighting conditions. Graphic display provides user interface enhancements including bar graphs that standard LCD displays are unable to achieve. Specifically designed to provide clear visibility in the various lighting conditions of the Ag environment

Standard Load/Unload – At any time the user can simply enter in the target weight to load/unload for simplicity combined with accuracy

F1-F5 Soft Keys – Allows unique selections above the soft keys in each software screen making the user process intuitive